Project The Commons as an Atmosphere

The recent implementation of Cuban most ambitious plan for economic transformation since the Revolution of 1959, whether Considered as a […]

Project Mission Waterfront

‘METHOD DIARY’   New Places, Red Carpets, Smart Maps —Drawing Sections The project critiques our experience, and the ways we […]

Project Towards Proto Public Gardens

The focus of this elective design studio is what can be called ‘pro-to-public’ space, a collective space not yet fully […]

Project A working life

Our project seeks to realise, through the adaptive reuse of existing building stock, a space for the labour of living […]

Project IJmuiden Fish Market

Through our initial group research, it was determined that IJmuiden is a fragmented town, heavily defined by its distinctive identities. […]

Project New Fun Palace

My project was based on the coexistence of leisure and industry in Ijmuiden Fishing Harbour. By investigating the scale difference […]

Project The Common as an Atmosphere

[The text is taken from presentation posters, so images in the pdf file have the same text] ENHANCING THE ATMOSPHERE […]

Project Transforming the Past

‘THICKNESS OF THE BORDER’   Water as non-city Water as common ground Water as democratic platform Urbanity in between Continuous […]

Project Preserving a Moment, or a Memory

Urban strategy taking into account transitions In a fast changing scenery the strategy proposed here is based on an operational […]

Project Narrating Bogotá

Narrating Bogotá Narrative Inhabitation and its use to reimagine social relationships in public space     Narrative is a powerful […]

Project Acts of Discontinuity

Acts of Discontinuity, an alternative model of urbanization for Agadir   The polycentric growth of Agadir led to a strongly […]

Project Forming the Interval

Densification of the campus of the National University of Colombia for present and future occupancy under one scheme. Use the […]

Project Mediating the Borders

Minimum intervention, maximum influence The project is an intervention exercise aiming for the minimum scale of intervention and the maximum […]

Project Co-operative Commons

Co-operative Commons (IN)Tangible memory of the centre of Bogotá   The project deals with the loss of centrality and sampling […]

Project The Architecture of the Enclave

The Architecture of the Enclave: Three instances of ‘Good Life’ for Casablanca As a reflection of the human condition, architecture […]

Project Power and Domination

This project tries to establish a dialogue between different types of reflections and intentions. ‘Le fil rouge’ that keeps everything […]

Project The Architectural Embrace

The Architectural Embrace aims to build a metaphorical bridge between socio-economical, political and architectural contradictions in Bogotá by means of […]