Acts of Discontinuity

Acts of Discontinuity,

an alternative model of urbanization for Agadir


The polycentric growth of Agadir led to a strongly fragmented urban environment, denoted by the presence of big portions of terrain vagues inside the city. The intervention proposes a shift in the perception of the emptiness inside the city, aiming to turn an undesired and neglected area into a resource of public space for the citizens. The project embraces critically the spatial phenomenology of the fragmented city and consists in three open-ended architectures that share the same compositive principles, yet having strongly different characters. Each intervention is associated with a fundamental act taken toward the territory: Displacement, Invasion, Unification, and with an elementary geometrical form that contains in itself the nature of the act: Line, Point, Surface. the essence of each space, rather than being consequence of a program, lies in this dichotomy act/form.