The Architectural Embrace

The Architectural Embrace aims to build a metaphorical bridge between socio-economical, political and architectural contradictions in Bogotá by means of a hybrid layer—an alien object in the rigid urban grid of the city, rupturing the existing notions of what and who is valuable in the city. It thus criticises the current and past practices of neglect and disdain towards the lowest classes of society and explores the role of architecture in challenging political and societal problems.

In The Architectural Embrace, the city of Bogotá is presented with a monumental architecture representing the abolished fourth block of El Bronx. Instead of erasing “the hell of Bogotá”, it recognises the importance of this area in the city and it emphasises the value of the lower classes of society, while addressing the history of neglect of the location. Thus, as a tool of (and place for) reflection, the project may work as a catalyst for sustainable change and an alternative to the gentrification that brings about a vicious cycle of displacement, decay and demolishment in the city.