Text New Town Commonalities

In his lecture Masatake Shinohare will argue that commonality needs to be understood as a series of intangible atmospheres accommodating […]

Text The Cooperative Frame of Mind

Richard Sennett probes into our understanding of architec- ture as a ‘common’ practice, implying the rituals, pleasures and politics of […]

Text Commonalities in Architecture

Momoyo Kaijima and Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, deepen the understanding of the commons as architectural figure and assignment, by making a distinction […]

Text The Commons: an Everyday Space

Margaret Crawford explores bottom-up practices within public space and illuminates through these practices the differentiated meanings everyday public spaces receive […]

Text The Commons of Valparaíso

The MSc3/MSc4 Graduation Studio “Positions in Practice” of the Department of Architecture TU Delft (fall, 2017) focused on the urban […]

Text Punctuations in Teusaquillo

We found ourselves in a foreign country. Colombia was, to us, impossible to grasp; its landscapes, cities and architectures are […]