Bogotá – Positions in Practice

The Graduation Studio “Positions in Practice” (2015-2016) of the Chair of Methods and Analysis in Delft focused on the urban context of Bogotá, as a laboratory for the definition of architectural positions. The studio attempted to develop a critical position vis-.-vis the attitudes that architects, especially those coming from other regions, have developed towards cities in the Global South as Bogotá. The realm of architecture holds a large body of analytical methods but increasingly these are no longer adjusted to the realities of the urbanity that we encounter in the Global South. Hence, the challenge of this Graduation Studio was to adjust existing analytical methods and develop new ones that resonate more adequately with the contemporary urban condition. The Graduation Studio “Positions in Practice” also questioned the way that architects and urban designers intervene in contemporary urban contexts such as Bogotá. Too often architects and urban designers have held that the solution to deal with vivid social urban conditions is to design new and strong spatial counter-forms. The Graduation Studio aimed to explore other strategies and methods of intervening in the urban condition of Bogotá.