Punctuations in Teusaquillo

We found ourselves in a foreign country. Colombia was, to us, impossible to grasp; its landscapes, cities and architectures are unfamiliar, the customs of its people – unknown. 

A question arose – how do we then engage with this new space in a meaningful way? We eschewed the typical tools of our trade and tried something different. No mapping, no measurements; scale, for once, didn’t matter. Taking with us domestic objects, of no – or is was it utmost? – importance, we tried to explore the neighborhood of Teusaquillo in Bogotá in ways previously thought as unimaginable. 

And thus – we immersed ourselves in soundscapes, banging spoons on railings and fences. We brushed grass, climbed trees, observed through a mirror; through learning about Teusaquillo, we created a spectacle of our own. We will never be able to learn everything there is to learn about this piece of land within a city so unprecedented in our eyes. The biggest takeaway from our experimenting, however, was the understanding that sometimes it’s alright not to know.